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Actualizado: 24 abr 2023

Iván Rolón

For the development of the piano and music theory course, I have methodically ordered material, specially prepared for the progressive acquisition of the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve independence in learning, designed to promote comprehensive musical and piano training.

Here are the available materials:

Piano. Basic level. A1


PDF: €15

Printed and bound: €20

This material is designed to learn piano and musical language from the beginning. Therefore, it is intended for students without previous knowledge, who need to consolidate basic knowledge and skills, or who wish to resume their studies after a period of inactivity.

In this material, there are 20 children's songs carefully arranged in progressive order of difficulty. They have lyrics, with the intention of singing them as a first musical approach, to later learn to play them by imitation and finally incorporate musical literacy. They also have an instrumental accompaniment, to be performed by the teacher.

This material also includes a section for learning music theory content, aimed at developing musical, rhythmic, and melodic literacy, ear training, basic concepts of piano technique, musical interpretation, composition, improvisation, general musical knowledge, and elements of musical analysis and composition.

The following materials will be posted here in the near future as they become available.

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