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Piano and music theory course: General conditions of service

Actualizado: 24 abr 2023

Iván Rolón

1. The development of the piano and musical theory classes supposes the acceptance of the following general conditions of the service.

2. The start of the service is agreed upon after a first trial class free of charge, which is carried out in the time range and conditions chosen in the registration form to continue the classes. These conditions are:

  • Frequency of classes: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or twice a week,

  • Class modality: online or face-to-face at the teacher's home (Düsseldorf, Germany).

  • Class length: 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes,

  • Payment modality: each class or monthly.

3. In the case of opting for a placement test, a second test class is not offered free of charge.

4. From the beginning of the service, the schedule of the classes is reserved with the agreed frequency, modality, duration, and payment modality.

5. The teacher undertakes to teach the classes at the agreed time and conditions, correct the homework and answer the student's questions in synchronous and/or asynchronous format.

6. At the request of one of the parties, a change in the schedule, frequency, modality, duration, or payment modality can be agreed upon, one month in advance, although a change before this period can occur with the agreement of both parties.

7. The teacher undertakes to issue an invoice after each class or the first class of each month (according to the chosen payment modality) with the agreed prices for classes, tests, or materials.

8. The student undertakes to pay the invoices issued in his name in cash, bank transfer, or PayPal within 14 days.

9. If the cancellation of a class is required by any of the parties, that party undertakes to notify it at least 24 hours in advance. In the payment modality for each class, this can be canceled or rescheduled at a time to be agreed upon. In the monthly payment modality, the agreed billing is maintained, and the class can be rescheduled at a time to be agreed upon.

10. The teacher does not agree to reschedule classes canceled on the same day or due to absence without notice.

11. In the monthly payment modality, the teacher does not commit to providing classes on non-working days.

12. In the modality of payment per class, the parties can agree to cancel the classes on non-working days, carry them out the same day or reschedule them.

13. If the student is late for the lesson, the teacher does not commit to extending the class after the time stipulated for its completion.

14. The student agrees to acquire the material prepared by the teacher through him. Duplications, publications, or circulation of the same are prohibited without his consent.

15. The material proposed by the teacher is not mandatory and can be replaced or complemented with other materials. The student undertakes to acquire this substitute or complementary material at his own expense.

16. The classes are personalized according to the age, level, needs, and interests of each student. This customization is subject to the teacher's criteria and the student's request.

17. The student will be able to make compositions and recordings with their corresponding editions in score, audio, or video in the class space that they will be able to keep for themselves. This material will not be stored or disseminated by the teacher.

18. After completing all the proposed activities at each level, the student can choose to take a test, for which the teacher agrees to send the detailed result in writing along with a performance evaluation during classes and recommendations to continue. This test is not mandatory, nor does it restrict the continuity of classes.

19. Participation in student concerts or satisfaction surveys is voluntary and does not restrict the development of classes.

20. A temporary or permanent interruption of classes can be agreed upon at the request of one of the parties, with a minimum written notice of one month in advance.

Price list for classes

Price list for tests

Price list of materials is in the following link.

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